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My name is Amanda Morrison and for most of my life I have had the special ability to hear the voices of Spirit and to pass on their messages to assist and comfort friends and clients here in this world. It is a genuine, natural gift that I have been blessed with and have developed throughout my life.

My clients have returned to me again and again over time and remarked on the accuracy of what has been given to me by Spirit to tell them. I have found my gift has been of great comfort and value to many.

“I was blown away by her accuracy
and her ability to tap into a personal issue
that no-one else even knew about!”

In November 2012, I was one of 28 Mediums in Australia to be handpicked by International Psychic Medium Lisa Williams to do Advanced Mediumship & Platform Mediumship courses. After the completion of the courses, Lisa Williams gave me very positive feedback about my work with Spirit and asked me to be one of her preferred readers.  I am very proud to say I am officially recognised with Lisa Williams – International School of Spiritual Development as a Certified Spiritual Advisor.

In 2013, I was very honoured and excited to be one of 7 people worldwide to be selected by Lisa Williams for her very first Master Teacher Certification course.  The course was very intensive and comprehensive and it taught me many teaching skills and wisdom. The Master Teacher course has really helped me to step into the role of a teacher.  Lisa Williams is not only an extraordinarily phenomenal Psychic Medium, she is a world class teacher.  It was truly an amazing experience - totally life changing!

The final two weeks of the course, the practical component, was held in Lisa's brand new school, LWISSD in Bel Air in Los Angeles in December, 2013.  It was here that all the learning came together and it was put into action teaching American Mediumship students and many other presentations given by us all to each other.  I will never forget the passion I felt when I was teaching the students, and watching them learn, grow and fly!

The phone call from Lisa in January, 2014, to tell me that I was a Certified Master Teacher, was a moment in my life beyond words! I am looking forward to fulfilling my role and purpose teaching with LWISSD.  I know it will be a deeply rewarding and enriching path to follow to help teach the next generation of Mediums in the world.  

I LOVE what I do and I am so grateful that you have arrived at my site at the right time. Whether you are a new or repeat client of mine, I value your support of my work with Spirit.

I have set up this site so that others too can share in these gifts from Spirit and hopefully, prosper and find comfort and strength and encouragement in messages they receive.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel you would like to know more, or order a reading by clicking here.

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