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Some comments of our customers.

Karina Lay

"I recently had a reading with the enchanting Amanda and was blown away by her accuracy and her ability to tap into a personal issue that no-one else even knew about!!! Her reading was enlightening, inspiring and gave me the guidance I needed at a time when I was feeling stuck at a crossroads. Thankyou Amanda for your compassionate and empathetic reading….And thanks for my “new” car!"


Erin Ware

"Thank you Thank you Thank you for an incredible experience Amanda! As soon as we met I immediately felt a sense of calm and peace. You are the real thing!

I recently had a wonderful reading with Amanda Morrison. She makes you feel relaxed and at ease from the moment you enter her reading room. From the very first minute you can feel the energy in the room and she is instantly in contact with the spirit world. Amanda talked with great accuracy about my family and many situation/ occurrences. She also made predictions that have since come true and many more I am looking forward to!

The most valuable part of the reading for me was the contact and messages from the people close to me that have passed, she was able to identify and relay messages with amazing accuracy, there was appoint where the energy was so strong that I could actually “smell” my long passed nana’s perfume. I look forward to another reading soon, With gratitude, Erin 2013"


Kim Osborne

Having a spiritual reading with Amanda is the most amazing gift of love. Without a doubt it has opened up my energy fields to see my direction more clearly with messages from the other side. The most magnificent connection was with my dog “Matey” who Amanda kindly connected with for me. The messages that came through were a great help with my healing process after his passing. I’m looking forward to my 2013 reading with Amanda this month. You truly are a gifted lady. Kim xox


Michele Walters

I first saw Amanda Morrison at the suggestion of a friend. Immediately I felt safe and at ease as soon as I met Amanda. I also knew I was in the right place. During the reading Amanda was always in connection with her spirit guides and was in total trust of their guidance which was extremely accurate and informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to someone who may feel guided to be in touch with spirit for guidance or assistance. I have seen Amanda twice now over the years and following both readings I was left with a lasting sense of peace. Love and blessings, Michele


Danuelle Smith

Amanda is a sincere, passionate and heartfelt medium – which shows greatly in the readings she delivers. In the reading Amanda delivered for me personally, I was connected with my grandmother. The traits and words that my grandmother used were portrayed through the eyes and mouth of Amanda! One of the best experiences I have had – and I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone. Danuelle xxx



Amanda!! Thankyou for sharing your experiences, your very gift and your humanity with me. You are JUST BEAUTIFUL! Thankyou.



Hi Amanda, I just wanted to thankyou so much for my reiki session recently, it was the most wonderful experience! I feel incredible - lighter, energised and more than anything else, understood! U r truly gifted and have set me on a path that will change my life, I am forever grateful xx



My life was happy , well so i thought ha ha , Miss Amanda gave me a reading July 2011, to which i walked out of feeling energised and excited..... Everything,,, even in the order she told me "HAS ALL COME TRUE'' i now have my Electric Blue car, and a Wonderful New Man to go with it , My life is now even happier thanks to you Amanda..THANKYOU

I have been recommending heaps of people to you , another 4 today......Well done you pocket rocket, your a legend..


Kelli :

What an amazing experience. I honestly was not expecting anything and walked away feeling like I had experience a physchological, emotional and spiritual breathe of fresh air. Affirmations of my direction help assure me of my path and the messages I received enabled me the courage to view my life in a different perspective and address a more positive direction. I cant thank you enough Amanda. You have truely given me light, love and hope and for that I will be eternally grateful.



I have been truly blessed to meet with you Amanda as you have assisted me in my Spiritual growth and development. I send so much love and healing energy back to you to thank-you for your help and guidance. Keep smiling!



Amanda, you are a beautiful and amazing person! You have positively enriched me with the spiritual sessions I have had with you over the past few years. I would also like to thank you for helping John connect with his loved one's whom have passed over.



Amanda you are a shining light. Your have an aura that is so warm and welcoming, you have a passion for your work that is infectious and your readings are so specific and accurate that even a sceptic would sit up and take notice. I can't recommend you enough.



It is an absolute pleasure to deal with a very genuine and beautifully gifted soul. Spirit knows when someone is of the white light where they too can trust communication will be passed on not only accurately but so so much love and compassion.



If you want a great reading, this is the place to go. As well as being a brilliant psychic, Amanda has the most beautiful, positive and uplifting energy. A real shining light!



Amanda, You are an amazing Medium and Healer. Your readings have so much clarity and honesty. I can see and feel that you come from a place of Love. What a big heart you have. I wish you all the love and good fortune for now and forever. 'SM'

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